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The Bulldog takes criminal cases from Aggravated First Degree Felonies all the way down to Class B Misdemeanors. We have represented the citizen accused in Texas for offenses such as:

Capital Murder(death penalty waived)                                            Delivery of a controlled substance

Murder                                                                                                  Possession of a controlled substance

Intoxicated manslaughter                                                                  Manufacture of a Controlled Substance

Aggravated Sexual Assault                                                                 Possession/Delivery in a Drug Free Zone

Sexual Assault (Rape)                                                                           Arson

Aggravated Assault                                                                               Injury to the Elderly

Domestic Assault                                                                                   Prostitution

Indecency with a Child                                                                          Escape

Assault                                                                                                    Theft

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)                                                          Theft by Check

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)                                                      Racing

Among many other Texas offenses.